“Nomad’s Guest House” it is your cozy place for the rest in the historic center of the Almaty!

Why you have to choose exactly Nomad’s GH?

We are looking forward to see you in our comfortable welcome “Nomad Guest House”, where every guest will find something special for themselves:

  • Warmness of the Kazakh Hospitality - where you are always welcome here, every guest will be offered a cup of tea until the administrator will issue all necessary documents;
  • Soul Communication – where you will find interesting people, tie a pleasant acquaintance and spend time very interesting;
  • Sense of the homeliness – where you will have comfortable mattresses, bed linen and towels which is made of natural cotton, fluffy pillows and blankets, kitchen;
  • • Washing machines and laundry facilities for the symbolic price – it is all allows you to feel the "homeliness".

And you get all this just for the 2100 Tenge per night! (Check in at 8-bed room).

Our Slogan

Breathe deeply! Live for fun! Explore, learn a lot of new and interesting!

“Nomad Guest House” it is a place, where you will always wanted to return all the time, where you would like to tell to your friends and relatives, after coming back home, warm words recall the charming, warm place in the center of Almaty.


A lit a bit of history

One of the first state structures in Kazakhstan began to appear in the 1st century to form unions-tribes. Dominant type of farming tribes are nomadic Kazakh and semi-nomadic pastoralism. The transition to this form of farming meant economic progress in the life of the steppe tribes.

Nowadays, due to significant changes in the economy and society, appear the notions of the Neokochevniki. It is a modern people who live in nomadic way, because of their occupations such as artists, freelancers, athletes and tourists whose primary purpose to acquainted with the Kazakh culture.