Near us

Especially for the convenience of guests «Nomad Guest House», located near the city's main arteries:

  • Furmonova Street, which will take you to the Central Museum, where the exhibition will talk about the colorful history and culture of multinational Kazakhstan.,
  • Dostyk Avenue, This is also located along the many attractions and crowns him the skating rink «Medeu,» as well as ski resort «Shymbulak."

For fans of the morning and evening runs historic park "28 Panfilov Heroes" with pines and in whose territory is one of the oldest Orthodox churches of the city located 500 meters from the hostel. While the Central Mosque of Almaty located 300 meters from our hostel.

Near our hostel from 200 meters which is located on the Avenue Zhybek Zholy two underground stations are located such as “Zhybek Zholy”, “Raiymbek” and “Almaty Arbat”.

You cannot be in Almaty and not have a look at the famous Green Bazaar, which is a 5 minute walk from our Guest House, where you can have fresh fruits and vegetables, including famous apples in Almaty – Aport. Also, there are numerous souvenir shops and a shopping arcade with clothes.


Near Almaty

It is a unique city because of its beautiful nature near the city center (20-30min by car). At any time of year, whether it is winter or summer Zhailau (meadow pasture) or colored steppe, a bird's-eye look like a bumbling artist mixed all the colors of the rainbow, majestic mountains Alatau like high heroes who kept the city. A beckoning its purity and transparency, mountain air which seemed to cleanse your lungs and invigorates the mind, you will never forget.