Check In - From 14:00 hours, Check Out – From 12:00 hours.

If you arrived before the specified time, then rooms will be given to you according to their availability. 

If your items for any reason are in the room after checkout time, the administrator has the right to request a late Check-Out: two hours late (12 to 14 hours) - 1500 Tenge fine, more than two hours delay in the room (up to 12 hours delay) - 2000 Tenge.

Payment for hostel has to be paid the full amount before Check-In.

When you Check-In the Deposit of the 2000 Tenge we will take in case of losses of bed linen, towels, slippers, which is refundable in full if everything is in order.

The rights to stay in the hostel we provide only with identity card or passport for persons who are over 18.

Children under 18 years of age must be accompanied by parents or legal guardians while providing all the necessary documents.

Leaders accompanying school, sports and other groups, are fully responsible for the conduct, life and health groups in the Hostel.

During the eviction of the Hostel, please bring linens and towels at the front desk and pass the room keys, and the key of the locker, and other items provided by the visitor for temporary use, to the Administrator.

Administrator has the rights to refuse you on the arrival without any explanation!

General Rules

  • We ask you to keep quiet in the rooms and the common areas from 23:00 to 8:00. The entrance door of the hostel will be closing from 23:30 to 7:00 a.m. , for your safety. Please be respectful to other residents of the hostel.
  • Nomads Guest House is not responsible for your personal belongings unattended. We strongly recommend that you use lockers (individual lockers), and you do not leave valuables unattended.
  • Damaging the property because of you will be charged. The amount of which can be found at the reception, depending on the damage.
  • It is forbidden to bring visitors the hostel without notice. Maximum stay in Hostel 1 hour.
  • Smoking in the building is strictly prohibited. Smoking is possible in strictly designated areas, for violation - a fine of 1000 Tenge.
  • Strongly prohibited the use of alcohol spirits. Administrator has right to withdraw the alcohol brought from outside. Also, the Administrator has the rights to refuse Check-In to potential guests if they drunk or drug intoxication.
  • Please be aware when you leaving rooms do not forget to turn off the water, electricity and appliances.
  • Strictly obey the rules of fire safety, without incurring fires.
  • If for any reason you need to leave, but you have made the payment for accommodation - we will refund you the total amount minus 30% of the paid amount.
  • Please observe cleanliness and order in the entire hostel. Please respect the work of maintenance personnel who work for the benefit of you for your own convenience.
  • Please clean and wash your dishes after cooking and using!
  • To all guests we are asked you to wear slippers instead of street shoes when you are in the rooms and in common areas.
  • For violation of the above rules of conduct in our hostel administration has the right to impose a fine and evict violators at any time without refund of payment for accommodation for the last night.

We wish you a pleasant holiday!